Take your skiing to the next level and learn to fly. Broken River provides a safe, secure and diverse training platform for an adventure of a lifetime. The camp held from the 27th-31st of August, 2018 is for beginners and intermediate flyers. You'll need a moderate level of fitness and skiing ability and ultimately an open mind and number be prepared to have fun!

This training camp gives you the opportunity to get into the exciting Sport of Speed or to simply improve your current Speed Riding skills and techniques to take it to that next level of being beyond an intermediate speed rider. Over the last five years Broken River has proven to be the most snow safe location on the Southern Island, quoted from the website itself!

Broken river offers a diverse terrain, some people say it has it all. From offering unique take offs, lengthy runs, long flights, short flights, technical runs & some incredible powder areas.

The local & international coaches have diverse experience & professional qualifications in speedriding along with offering their expertise in paragliding, skiing, skydiving and many other action sports. If you have been Speed Riding before but you are aiming to become a more confident rider, the camp’s coaches will look after you to become a more confident with your launch, get full control while skiing under canopy and most of all be in control at all times.

Throughout the duration of the camp, you can perfect speciality areas such as spot landings and we can teach you more about the progressive riding style. There is also a snow safety element the course like all alpine environments we will cover off the wind, weather & snow to keep everyone safe & aware of the alpine environment around them.

The community spirit that is offered at Broken River ensures that you will be able to experience all the action along with enabling you to enjoy the setting along with have a good time on and off the snow. Individuals along with groups are all welcome. Minimum age is 18 and you must have a general level of fitness.

For more information on what’s included / not included / equipment / etc click here.

The Speed Riding crew hope to see you on the slopes at Broken River in August.

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